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The Illinois Association of Minorities in Government works as an advocate on behalf of minority employees for jobs, promotions, job retention and protection against discriminatory acts.

Laws instituted by iamg

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The Illinois Association of Minorities in Government is responsible for the passage of four laws to assist minority employees.

  •  PA 86-1411- Requires agencies that do not meet their equal opportunity goals, by EEO categories to establish necessary training programs to prepare and promote minorities in furtherance of achieving these goals.
  • PA 88-498 - Allows employees, not restricted by bargaining units, to be accompanied by IAMG representative(s) during discriminatory complaint proceedings.
  • PA 91-0178 - Provides worker protection and transitional assistance to persons targeted for layoff.
  • PA 96-1341 - The African American Employment Act signed on July 27, 2010, improves the delivery of state services to African Americans in Illinois. This is achieved by increasing the number of African American State employees serving in supervisory, technical, professional, and managerial positions.